Tennessee Twister $8.5
Homemade Chips, twisted together with Shredded Chicken, Cheese, Jalapenos, Sour Cream, Tomatoes, & Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce.

Loaded Shotgun Potato Wedges $6.5
Fresh baked potato split four ways, hand breaded and fried, topped with bacon bits and cheese.

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos $7.5
Fresh Jalapenos, stuffed with Cream Cheese and wrapped with Texas Smoked Bacon

Fried Pickle Chips $6.5
Hand breaded Pickle Chips fried to a golden brown and served with Ranch Dressing

Cowboy Cabbage Wedge $7
To Die For! Baked Cabbage, wrapped in Bacon, & covered with melted Cheese

Fried Green Beans $6.5
Battered Green Beans fried to a golden brown

Homemade Loaded Potato Chips $6.5
Thinly Sliced Idaho Potatoes freshly fried and covered with Cheddar Cheese, Bacon Bitz, and Chives. Served with a side of Jalapeno Ranch Dressing

Shoot Out Shrimp $10
A generous portion of Large shrimp skewered & Grilled with Cajun Seasoning. Served over a bed of fresh lettuce.

Fried Green Tomatoes $6.5
Fresh, tangy green tomatoes hand-breaded and deep fried, a true southern favorite. Served with a side of Ranch.

Fried Mushrooms $6.5
Hand battered Fresh Mushrooms fried to a Golden Brown, served with a Jalapeno Ranch Dressing

Cheese Stix $6.5
Served with ranch dipping sauce.

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