JR's Steaks & Chops

*All Steaks and Chops come with your choice of 2 sides
* Add a Skewer (5) Grilled Shrimp to any EntreĢe for $6
*We can Custom Cut Ribeyes & Prime Rib for $1.5 an ounce over the largest size.

8oz / 12oz / 16oz Ribeye $19.5 / $24.5 / $28.5
Hand Cut Premium Beef, Char Grilled to Perfection.

6oz / 10oz Filet Mignon $22.5 / $29.5
This is the most tender cut of beef on the Cow. Hand Cut Premium Beef, Char Grilled and so tender it will melt in your mouth.

12oz / 16oz Prime Rib $24.5 / $28.5
Low and Slow is how we do it! Slow Roasted tender Ribeye hand carved to order.

Sirloin Steak $17.5
Tender cut of Sirloin grilled to your liking.

Hamburger Steak 10oz $13.5
Fresh Ground Chuck, hand pattied and grilled to perfection. Smothered with Gravy, Onions & Mushrooms.

10oz Tomahawk Pork Chop $17.5
We can't leave off the PIG! This delicious 10oz Frenched Chop will make you forget about the Beef for just a minute. Infused with Brown Sugar, Char Grilled to be moist and tender.

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